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kristof.mulier at telenet.be kristof.mulier at telenet.be
Tue Aug 20 10:02:26 BST 2019

Dear PyQt developers,

We're a team of 3 people (Johan Cockx, Matic Kukovec and Kristof Mulier) working on a startup: a new IDE for microcontrollers. We're using PyQt for the graphical user interface and QScintilla for the editor. Our software will be distributed for free (although we won't make it open-source).

We have to buy a PyQt license before launching the software. However, could you consider giving us a discount? Please keep in mind:

1. We're a startup and are currently paying everything from our own savings.

2. We've built the website https://qscintilla.com which contains very detailed documentation on how to use QScintilla, and we're paying monthly for keeping this website online on a server. It's our way to give something back to the community.

Kind greetings,

Kristof Mulier

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