[PyQt] Using PyQt inside of C++ Qt Application

Daniel Trstenjak daniel.trstenjak at gmail.com
Wed Aug 14 17:13:41 BST 2019


I'm currently evaluating how a mid sized PyQt application can be
integrated into a C++ Qt application.

The C++ application already has a python interpreter integrated
and has a python interface for several parts of its functionality.

The integration should make it possible that the PyQt application
can use this functionality through the python interface.

A client server architecture between the PyQt application and the C++
application most likely isn't sufficient to support the kind of user
interactivity and performant visual feedback that's needed. Also having
to define a network interface for the available python interface would
be a huge amount of work.

If the PyQt application and the C++ application are using the same Qt
library (sharing the same QApplication object and event queue) and the
same python interpreter, is there a way to integrate both?

Thanks for any hints!


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