[PyQt] Feature request: 'del app' automatically

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Tue Aug 13 22:10:13 BST 2019

On 13/08/2019 19:33, BPL wrote:
> Phil,
> A while ago I'd posted you a bug that happened when copying content to 
> the
> clipboard and the information copied being lost when exiting the app... 
> at
> that time you'd provided a fast hack that "solved" the issue, let me 
> bring
> back your answer here at that time:
> Ok I can now reproduce the problem. It also happens with C++ when the
>> QApplication is created on the heap and not explicitly destroyed.
>> The workaround in your test is to 'del app' at the end of the script.
>> Tonight's PyQt snapshot adds support for using QCoreApplication (and
>> sub-classes) as a context manager which calls the C++ dtor when 
>> exiting
>> the context. So...
>> with QApplication([]) as app:
>>      ....
>>      app->exec()
>> Phil
> Thing is, in pyside2 you don't need to use any context manager to 
> provide
> clipboard reliable behaviour so my question is, how hard would be for 
> you
> to fix this issue properly without forcing the user to use this context
> manager at all?
> Asking cos I have apps where everything is a plugin, even QApplication 
> &
> subclasses are just plugins so I don't even know how or when they'll be
> instantiated... being forced to use this context manager is really
> inconvenient and ugly in many cases (not just mine) so having a 
> reliable
> behaviour of the clipboard without these context managers like pyside2
> would be awesome!!! :)

Try the current sip and PyQt5 snapshots.


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