[PyQt] pyqt5 on armv6/7/8 via PyPi

Kyle Altendorf sda at fstab.net
Sun Aug 11 01:06:52 BST 2019

On August 10, 2019 5:57:31 AM EDT, sebastien durand <dragonlost1 at hotmail.fr> wrote:
>So I would like to know if there is way to install pyqt5.13 via PyPi on
>Arm cards?


It looks like piwheels may have a copy.  I would check on my own pi but I'm not at home with it.  You might have to follow their instructions to setup their index, or it may already be setup.  But, don't follow their advice to run the system pip with sudo.  That's a recipe for breaking stuff.  Mostly don't run the system pip at all, even with --user.  Work in a virtualenv or venv.  https://bit.ly/py-env


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