[PyQt] Floats being accepted for int arguments

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Tue Nov 27 09:51:39 GMT 2018


turns out running mypy on a big PyQt codebase results in some things to
talk about :D

Apparently, PyQt accepts floats where C++ takes ints and silently
truncates them:

  >>> from PyQt5.QtGui import QFont
  >>> f = QFont()
  >>> f.setWeight(5.8)
  >>> f.weight()

Similar Python methods usually accept floats if f.is_integer() is true,
but raise a ValueError otherwise:

  >>> import math
  >>> math.factorial(5)
  >>> math.factorial(5.0)
  >>> math.factorial(5.5)
  Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  ValueError: factorial() only accepts integral values

Is that behavior intended?


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