[PyQt] Type annotations for QStrings: str or Optional[str]?

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Mon Nov 26 20:41:53 GMT 2018


sip/QtCore/qstring.sip says:

  %MappedType QString /AllowNone,TypeHint="str",TypeHintValue="''"/

At least where Qt functions take a QString as argument, passing None
should always be allowed, so I think Optional[str] would be more

Where they return a QString, I'm not so sure - what happens if Qt
returns a null QString? Even if PyQt maps that to None, it seems rather
cumbersome to have Optional[str] there, as that'd mean you'd need to
check every QString return value for None-ness (which isn't really done
in practice, as often you wouldn't expect to ever get None back).


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