[PyQt] App freezes QQuickWidgets loads QtQuick.dialogs

mstpfreitas23 at outlook.com mstpfreitas23 at outlook.com
Wed May 23 12:48:16 BST 2018

Hello Phil and List,

Can you help me?
I’ve included an example that shows that app freezes when qml imports QtQuick.Dialogs, if I set QML_IMPORT_TRACE, it stops when it registers plugins types QtQuick.Dialogs. I’m reproducing In python an example found on stackoverflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48892726/qml-filedialog-is-rendering-behind-main-window-with-qquickwidget-qt-5-9-1.
I cant use QmlApplicationEngine solution because I need to integrate qtquick view into a qwidget app.
What am I doing wrong?

Win10 – amd64
Build from source with MSVC 14.0

Thank for your attention
Kind regards,

M. Mendes

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