[PyQt] QML with a event on delegate - possible bug

amine amine.bachri at afpa.fr
Thu May 17 12:58:09 BST 2018


I have discovered the pyQt binding (in fact also Python), and i found it
very nice!

Everything works perfectly well, however i found a strange behavior looking
like a bug :

In a delegate i activate a javascript after an event, something like :
                onClicked: {
                    idTextTest.text = "clicked ok"
                    Context.doActionInPython("enleveDomino", index)
This code works fine.

But the almost same code 
                onClicked: {                  
                    Context.doActionInPython("enleveDomino", index)
                    idTextTest.text = "clicked ok" #show a : 
ReferenceError: idTextTest is not defined
doesn't find the obvious Component.

I guess this is not normal, 

i've settled a small project in :

Have a good day!

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