[PyQt] Segfault when building wxPython with SIP 4.19.11

Scott Talbert swt at techie.net
Fri Jul 6 05:10:22 BST 2018


I'm seeing a segfault when building wxPython with SIP 4.19.11.

Running command: sip
/usr/bin/sip -w -o -g -I /home/talbert/Downloads/wxPython-4.0.1/src -I 
/home/talbert/Downloads/wxPython-4.0.1/sip/gen -c /tmp/tmpdH4lfu -b 
sip/cpp/_core.sbf -X pycode_core:wx/core.py sip/gen/_core.sip
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

(gdb) bt
#0  prcode (fp=fp at entry=0x55f0f0d13ed0, fmt=0x55f0f042adc7 
     fmt at entry=0x55f0f042ad58 "    /* Get the SIP module's API. */\n#if 
PY_VERSION_HEX >= 0x02050000\n    sip_sipmod = 
     at ./sipgen/gencode.c:14489
#1  0x000055f0f04004e6 in generateSipImport (mod=0x55f0f0d14180,
     fp=0x55f0f0d13ed0, sipName=0x0) at ./sipgen/gencode.c:2775
#2  generateCpp (pt=pt at entry=0x7ffd5c4cabc0, mod=<optimized out>,
     codeDir=codeDir at entry=0x7ffd5c4cc455 "/tmp/tmpdH4lfu",
     srcSuffix=srcSuffix at entry=0x55f0f0422866 ".cpp", parts=parts at entry=0,
     needed_qualifiers=needed_qualifiers at entry=0x0, xsl=0x0, py_debug=0,
     sipName=0x0) at ./sipgen/gencode.c:2561
#3  0x000055f0f0403269 in generateCode (pt=0x7ffd5c4cabc0,
     codeDir=0x7ffd5c4cc455 "/tmp/tmpdH4lfu",
     buildFile=0x7ffd5c4cc467 "sip/cpp/_core.sbf", docFile=<optimized out>,
     srcSuffix=0x55f0f0422866 ".cpp", except=<optimized out>, trace=0,
     releaseGIL=1, parts=0, needed_qualifiers=0x0, xsl=0x0, consModule=0x0,
     docs=1, py_debug=0, sipName=0x0) at ./sipgen/gencode.c:358
#4  0x000055f0f03e4e15 in main (argc=15, argv=0x7ffd5c4cae58)
     at ./sipgen/main.c:291

4.19.8 worked ok.


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