[PyQt] QRunnable and signals/slots

Giuseppe Corbelli corbelligiuseppe at mesdan.it
Thu Jul 5 14:44:28 BST 2018

Hi all
I would like to have a generic QRunnable that just references a packaged 
task and executes it, without having to subclass everytime and not 
considering synchronization issues, but with signals/slots integration.

I found a few references [1] that suggest the straightforward approach 
to subclass both QObject and QRunnable (in this order).

The implementation attached looks fine&simple enough to me but somehow 
the events are not running, and I cannot see what is wrong. PyQt/Qt 
5.10.1 on Debian x86_64, Python 3.6.6

Hope someone wants to have a look, thanks in advance.

[1] https://gist.github.com/paulbarbu/6086849

Giuseppe Corbelli
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