[PyQt] Custom enumerations for custom pyqtProperty

Hugo Slepicka hhslepicka at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 21:29:22 BST 2017


Thank you for the great work on Qt & PyQt and sorry for bringing back an
old thread subject (
but I could not find the answer on how to properly deal with custom
enumerations and pyqtProperty.

I am trying to build a QLabel with some custom properties to format my text
based on a user selection. I can get my property to show on the Qt Designer
properly but not much after that. At the UI file it adds the value as
"PyDMLabel::STRING" and later I have problems getting this property value
assigned to my object when I try to launch the UI file.

My complete question and code can be found on this link: (

Thank you,
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