[PyQt] PyQt and JNI

Kálmán Viktor viktorvector at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 10:26:08 BST 2017


I've been trying to get the current Android activity using Pyjnius however
its autoclass function doesn't recognize my custom Java class.

I followed the guide in the Mercurial repo and with minor modifications I
can use the built-in Java/Android classes just fine, however to do anything
meaningful on Android a reference to the current activity is needed.

What I did was simply extending the base QtActivity class, using it as
"entry point" in the Manifest file and trying to get it with Pyjnius's
autoclass however it does not find my custom class. Uppon some research I
think this the root of the problem:
however I've no idea how work around it (even If I modify the Qt source
code and patch their JNI_OnLoad somehow to use FindClass to find my custom
class I'm not sure it would be in the JNIEnv that is acquired in the
function in fake_sdl.cpp)

A nicer solution would be to use QtAndroidExtras however it is not
supported in PyQt. Are there plans to do it? It would help developing
applications immensely on Android.
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