[PyQt] PyQt documentation where PyQt function is not same as Qt C++ function

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Mon Nov 27 17:47:37 GMT 2017

On Mon Nov 27 16:59:54 GMT 2017, J Barchan wrote:

> If you are the developer, documenter, may I ask you then:
> 1. Could this be noted against the declaration in the .pyi file?
> 2. If not, should a PyQt overall document explain about this C++ -> Python
> conversion behaviour?

There used to be something about this, I think. The page I mention below
shows places where you might want to be careful.

> 3. OOI, why does PyQt5 QFileDialog.getOpen/SaveFileName() return that
> second parameter?  Lemme guess: it's the QString *selectedFilter parameter,
> isn't it?  The user can change that, and Qt returns it as well as the
> filename, I guess, though I can't even see that in the Qt documentation...
> Grrrrr!!

It's mentioned in the PyQt4 documentation, which is still relevant to PyQt5
in places:


You're looking for the "const QString &filter = QString()" part of the
C++ signature hints that the filter may change but the documentation doesn't
mention that:



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