[PyQt] Segfault on PyQt 5.9.1 on Windows

Valentin Valls valentin.valls at esrf.fr
Mon Nov 20 11:25:51 GMT 2017

> I've made a change in tonight's PyQt snapshot which may fix the problem.
> Phil

Thanks a lot for the fix.
I compile and use the last snapshot from PyQt:
PYQT_VERSION_STR = "5.9.2.dev1711191441"

The small example i show you is working.

Unfortunately our global tests still segfault.
That's difficult to know why, then, at least, here is another test which
deadlock and/or segfault. I don't know if it is supposed to be used like
that but right now i don't have any other simple example.

    def test_saturate_threadpool(self):
        class Runnable(qt.QRunnable):
            def run(self):
            def autoDelete(self):
                return True
        tp = qt.QThreadPool.globalInstance()
        for i in range(tp.maxThreadCount() * 5):

Thanks a lot
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