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Ilya Kulakov kulakov.ilya at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 01:10:40 GMT 2017


I set up a mirror of pyqtdeploy (updated daily) at https://github.com/GreatFruitOmsk/pyqtdeploy-mirror <https://github.com/GreatFruitOmsk/pyqtdeploy-mirror>
I'm also thinking to configure automated testing on Travis to run Python's test suite for a selected list of PyQt
and Python on various linux systems (currently thinking about active LTS + latest of major distros).

Perhaps you'd consider moving development to GitHub altogether?
This is an awesome product, but its contribution process is not as simple as I'd like.
On GitHub everything is so streamlined and "standard" that need to send a diff over email feels obsolete.
And you'd get nice stuff like pyup, Travis, codecov and others to automate compatibility tests.

I do not know what's your experience with git or github, so I offer my help with the process if you need any.

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