[PyQt] PyQt5 Build Error: Could not find qmake configuration file

Wallboy wallboy at wallboy.ca
Sat Jun 10 07:37:04 BST 2017

I've mentioned having this problem in my other post and I remember 
seeing someone else having this same problem. Qt recently unified their 
win32-msvc20XX folders into a single win32-msvc spec folder. When you 
build Qt using -platform win32-msvc2015 or 20XX of any version it just 
remaps it to win32-msvc. A message even echos out saying so: "Notice: 
re-mapping requested qmake spec to unified 'win32-msvc'".

After building Qt, and running qmake -query it even shows: 

In PyQt5 configure.py file it checks for win32, then if your python 
version is 3.5 or greater, automatically makes self.qmake_spec = 
'win32-msvc2015'. When the time comes to determine the details of your 
Qt installation, the cmd: "qmake.exe -spec win32-msvc2015 -o qtdetail.mk 
qtdetail.pro" will fail with: "could not find qmake configuration file 
win32-msvc20XX" since that spec no longer exists as mentioned above when 
they unified everything to the single win32-msvc spec.

So the workaround if you have to just manually pass --spec win32-msvc to 
PyQt5 configure.py

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