[PyQt] Ubuntu, PyQt/Qt 5.9, QOpenGLShaderProgram "is not linked"

David Cortesi davecortesi at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 15:36:24 BST 2017

Thanks to all who replied with useful references!

The key point seems to be (from

> PyQt opens libGL.so, which on some systems is a link to the MESA GL
library, not the NVIDIA GL library. The NVIDIA drivers *should* have
changed that link to point to the NVIDIA library when they were installed,
but didn't. As a result, PyQt is loading the wrong GL library.

See also the comment by Peter W├╝rtz on the four year old (!!) Ubuntu issue

I will experiment with symlinking libGL.so to libGL.so.1 to see if that
makes a difference in my particular system. I will also try the workaround
of importing GL only under Linux. However I mean to bundle the app with
PyInstaller, and it will see that import and include the dependency on
every platform anyway -- unless I maintain a special Linux version with
that import.

Thanks again,
Dave Cortesi
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