[PyQt] Fwd: Error building PyQt 5.9 on Windows without Qt SSL support (with fix)

Alvin Wong alvinhochun at gmail.com
Sun Jul 16 10:11:57 BST 2017

Dear all,

I am trying to build PyQt 5.9 on Windows using mingw-w64 with Python
3.6.1 and self-built Qt 5.9.1 without SSL support. However, I keep
getting errors complaining `::QSslCertificate` has not been declared.

Upon further inspection, I noticed that in the configuration step,
this appears in the output:

Checking to see if the QtNetwork module should be built...
<qt_root>\bin\qmake.exe -o cfgtest_QtNetwork.mk cfgtest_QtNetwork.pro
mingw32-make -f cfgtest_QtNetwork.mk release
release\cfgtest_QtNetwork.exe cfgtest_QtNetwork.out
Disabled QtNetwork features: P, y, Q, t, _, S, S, L

And there are calls to `sip.exe` like this:

sip.exe -w -f -t WS_WIN -t Qt_5_9_1 -x P -x y -x Q -x t -x _ -x S -x S
-x L -B Qt_6_0_0 -o -y QtOpenGL.pyi -c <pyqt_dir>\QtOpenGL -I sip -I
<pyqt_dir>/sip <pyqt_dir>/sip/QtOpenGL/QtOpenGLmod.sip

I made the following change to configure.py which fixed this problem
for me. Please check.

Best Regards,

--- a/configure.py 2017-07-03 18:25:14.000000000 +0800
+++ b/configure.py 2017-07-15 01:19:44.622435500 +0800
@@ -2168,10 +2168,8 @@
     if source is None:
         for disabled in run_test_program(mname, test, verbose):
             if disabled:
-                inform("Disabled %s features: %s" % (mname,
-                        ', '.join(disabled)))
-            target_config.pyqt_disabled_features.extend(disabled)
+                inform("Disabled %s features: %s" % (mname, disabled))
+                target_config.pyqt_disabled_features.append(disabled)

     # Include the module in the build.

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