[PyQt] PyQt5 + AppImage

Kyle Altendorf sda at fstab.net
Fri Jul 7 21:54:13 BST 2017

>  To clarify, the font problem is that when running as an AppImage, the 
> fonts do not look the same as when the same application runs in the 
> same distribution for the same user when that application is installed 
> with pip.

I think the gist of an install-anywhere utility is to build-in all 
dependencies.  They could make it use the system libs etc if recognized 
but that just gets more complicated.  So, I'd expect them to look 

> In other words, the pip installed version looks great, but the AppImage 
> one can look awful and very much out of place. Here is a composite 
> image (43 kB) that illustrates the problem on two different distros:
> http://damonlynch.net/rapid/screenshots/beta/appimage-font-problem.png
> The image illustrates that with the first distro, the AppImage font 
> changes to a serif font, which is wrong.
> With respect to Simon's point about the legality of font aliasing, it's 
> entirely possible I'm using the wrong terminology for what I thought 
> was aliasing. Perhaps the correct term is hinting? In any case, as can 
> be seen in the second pair of images, the hinting / aliasing is 
> different in the AppImage. I suspect the first pair of images also have 
> the same hinting / aliasing problem.

They are both anti-aliasing, but yes, they do look distinctly different.

Hopefully someone can help figure this out but I'm a bit skeptical 
(despite my lack of concrete knowledge in this are) that you are going 
to get a native look in lots of environments when you are specifically 
trying to avoid dependence on the particular environment by using 
AppImage.  Can't wait to be proved wrong.  :]  Good luck.


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