[PyQt] PyQt5 system tray icon context menu strange behavior

flll at seznam.cz flll at seznam.cz
Tue Jul 4 15:19:48 BST 2017

Hello all,

I reported the unwanted behavior/bugs to Qt official bug reporting site. If anybody is interested, please consider upvoting the bug report => better chance the bugs get fixed. Because right now, all the bugs combined make it really annoying and hard to seriously use system tray menu on Unity+Plasma (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc.).


And Dmitry Shachnev, thanks you for help.

--the example Systray.py mostly works, but not exactly as it should. It is also affected by some of the strange things I have --met in my app. Apparently, there are some bugs/limitations for Unity+Qt...

-On both Unity and Plasma, Qt is using the Status Notifier protocol.
-So most of the issues you described are actually limitations of either that
-protocol or its implementations (indicator-application, Plasma tray), not
-bugs in Qt...
-Dmitry Shachnev

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