[PyQt] PyQt-5.8.0 fails to build against Qt with OpenGLES support

Heiko Becker heirecka at exherbo.org
Sat Feb 25 11:10:34 GMT 2017

On 02/25/17 11:38, Phil Thompson wrote:
>> On 02/24/17 23:49, Phil Thompson wrote:
>>>> if Qt is compiled with support for OpenGLES, PyQt 5.8.0 fails
>>>> to build with the error below. With Qt without OpenGLES it
>>>> builds fine, as well as with PyQt-5.7 regardless of the state
>>>> of OpenGLES.
>>>> Any idea why this might happen?
>>> It might happen if your system supports OpenGLES v3 (rather than
>>> v2).
>> I see it on one system which only supports v2.
>>> Try tonight's snapshot.
>> Thanks, but unfortunately, that doesn't help.
> OpenGLES isn't being detected on your system for some reason and is
> falling back to desktop OpenGL. What is the content of qtdetail.out
> generated by configure.py?

It just contains one line, "shared".

Also, I have to correct my previous answer a bit, my mesa/Qt has indeed
support for OpenGLES v3/v3.1 (besides v2), just my hardware doesn't.

Best regards,

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