[PyQt] Runtime error with PyQt-5.8

Baz Walter bazwal at ftml.net
Thu Feb 23 23:21:25 GMT 2017

On 23/02/17 02:34, Patrick Stinson wrote:
> You must actually be using an out of date version of libsip.a. I had
> a similar problem today but with the ‘sip’ executable, in part
> because of incorrect PATH entries, and also form incorrect sip
> install paths.
> To troubleshoot you could delete the libsip you are linking into your
> app (statically) or that python is loading (dynamically) and hit
> “make install” from sip again. check file dates.

I thought it must be something like that, but was "sure" there were no 
other version installed. But then I forced uninstalled my system sip and 
imported the sip module in an iteractive session - and got no 
ImportError! Thus sip.__file__ revealed the culprit lurking in:


Sad to say it's not the first time I've been caught out by this (thanks 
pip), and it probably won't be the last :/

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