[PyQt] numpy and pyqtdeploy

Jonathan Hodges jhodges at diamondnt.com
Wed Feb 15 03:25:20 GMT 2017

I've seen some older threads on this forum by others who have been able to
get the numpy numeric libraries to work with pyqteploy, but I have yet to
find a good one-stop recipe.  By default a build of numpy from the sources
yields several  shared (dynamic) libraries from C sources.  However, the
way the submodules use __init__.py and resolve the namespace doesn't work
with bootstrapping loader of pyqtdeploy.

If anyone has been able to get a main python file that will run with an
'import numpy', built either statically or dynamically, and he/she has some
tips, I would be very appreciative.  I've scoured google and these forums,
but I can't find the full solution.

Also, if anyone has a reference to how the bootstrapping mechanism of
pyqtdeploy imports to the name space from the qrc object and external
libraries, this would be helpful as well.

(BTW- I'm trying to build on Mac OS X right not, but Mac/Linux/Windows is
the preference for a complete build.)

Thanks in advance,
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