[PyQt] glGetFloatv crashes application

Jonatan Magnusson jonatan.magnusson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 20:46:58 GMT 2017


So I'm trying to build a PyQt5 app. It's a tool to display a 3D 
structure using OpenGL with some buttons and checkboxes to change view 
and what is shown.

I'm currently having problem with glGetFloatv. The app crashes without 
any error message everytime it is called.

I call it like this:


The reason I need to use it is that I have a problem with loading a 
transformation matrix: it seems to work, but the transformation is 
broken, even with the identity matrix. So I wanted to see what the 
current matrix looked like using glGetFloatv.

Any ideas?

If the status of OpenGL in PyQt5 is a bit buggy, is there anyway to use 
PyOpenGL with PyQt5 instead?

Another problem I'm having is that whenever there is an uncaught 
exception, the exception message is printed as usual, but the app also 
crashes ("python3 stopped unexpectedly"). This is not OpenGL related.

I'm testing on MacOS Sierra (could not get OpenGL+PyQt5 to work on Linux 
at all). PyQt5 version 5.7.1 installed with Homebrew. Python 3.6.0, also 
installed with Homebrew.


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