[PyQt] SIP default constructor issue

Kelvin Rodriguez kr788 at nau.edu
Sat Feb 4 01:31:42 GMT 2017

Hi all,

I am trying to wrap fairly large C++ api using SIP. In trying to build the
module, I get the error:

./sipbundleIsisBundleImage.cpp: In function ‘void*

./sipbundleIsisBundleImage.cpp:86:43: error: no matching function for call
to ‘Isis::BundleImage::BundleImage()’

    return new Isis::BundleImage[sipNrElem];

We do not user the default contractor in our codebase, so one does exist
for the class BundleImage. It seems like SIP requires there to exist a
default constructor for the wrapped class? This can be fixed easily by
adding a default contractor to the C++ class being wrapped, but I would
like to avoid it if possible.

My questions are: Does SIP allow for a clean way to eliminate this error
without changing the codebase being wrapped? Does SIP actually require a
default constructor or is there something I am doing wrong?

The .sip for bundle Image is as barebones as the class:

namespace Isis {

 class BundleImage {


   #include "BundleImage.h"



   QString serialNumber();

   QString fileName();


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