[PyQt] Create PyQt apps in minutes, not months

Michael Herrmann michael at herrmann.io
Wed Dec 20 08:25:37 GMT 2017

Hi all,

I'm starting a new open source project that solves common pain points of PyQt

 * Packaging your app into a standalone executable / installer
 * Code signing so your users don't get ugly warnings "app is untrusted"
 * Automatic updates

At least, these were the hurdles I encountered while developing my file manager,
https://fman.io. I've so far spent ~2200 hours developing it. Of that, perhaps
400 hours were required for the above tasks. The idea is to package my
field-tested solutions in one cohesive package, so you get the same benefits in
minutes, not months.

I wrote a tutorial that lets you see the project in action. It's at:

Any feedback you might have would be greatly appreciated.


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