[PyQt] Use after free bug in pyqt 5.8.0 / sip 4.19.1

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Tue Aug 1 20:27:57 BST 2017

On 30 July 2017 at 21:54, dequis <dx at dxzone.com.ar> wrote:

> [resending this without the attachment, sorry if it ends up being posted
> twice]
> On 9 March 2017 at 17:46, dequis <dx at dxzone.com.ar> wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I got a crash with anki (git version with pyqt5 instead of 4). I'm not
>> sure how to reproduce it, but [snip]
> Hey there, it's me again with the anki crashes. Still happening with pyqt
> 5.9. I took a break from using the anki desktop app for a few months but
> now it's time to deal with it again.
> I still don't know how to intentionally reproduce it other than "just use
> the app normally for a while", but using the app normally for a while works
> (Which I'd totally recommend since anki is an excellent app, but that's not
> a very reliable way to reproduce it). Takes hours to reproduce but looks
> like it happens roughly once every 12-48 hours.
> So I prepared a bit better this time:
> - got debug symbols for everything (thanks the-compiler for the repo!)
> - patched the sip build scripts to not strip on 'make install'
> - installed the excellent python gdb extensions
> - replaced malloc with a tcmalloc_debug to make it crash more reliably
> - set PYTHONMALLOC=malloc
> - and ran the whole thing under rr
> Way better than valgrind, since I have time travel now, and I can replay
> this as many times as I want. I gave it a shot to try to extract as much
> info as I could.
> Here's the annotated gdb/rr session:
> http://dump.dequis.org/G21sm.txt
> And here's what I learnt:
> - The object being freed is EditCurrent, a subclass of QDialog (I think
> it's the dialog opened from the edit button during a review)
> - The free happens during garbage collection because it needs to break a
> reference cycle between EditCurrent and Editor
> - Some interesting interactions with the code that calls javascript to do
> "saveNow"
> It got hairy at some point and I didn't reach the initial allocation of
> the object - lots of incref/decref in code related to saveNow. I'll
> continue later.
> Also worth noting that i'm using a slightly old git revision of anki,
> 43a662a installed april 15. Didn't want to upgrade just in case the bug
> stopped happening.
> One recent anki commit caught my attention, "fix duplicate constructor
> call in editcurrent", three days ago, removes a duplicate call to "
> QDialog.__init__". Who knows if it's relevant. It takes forever to find
> out so I'd rather stay with what I have.
> Any suggestions on how to continue debugging this would be appreciated. I
> got some new ideas on how to reproduce it, but nothing seems to work so far.

Okay, so, the good news is that I got decent repro steps now.

The bad (but also good) news is that this is anki's fault and it was indeed
fixed by removing that duplicate constructor call.


I'm not sure where you normally set the boundary of where to blame the
application, but I hope this is some kind of misbehavior pyqt can detect
and fail early instead of messing up reference counts.


- Python 3.6
- Anki 2.1.0beta4 or current git with the commit above reverted.
- Have at least one deck with one card ("add" in the main window)
- Optional: gperftools or an equivalent package containing tcmalloc (other
mallocs are less reliable for debugging)


1. Start anki with:

$ LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libtcmalloc_debug.so PYTHONMALLOC=malloc python3

Or using glibc's malloc, which is less reliable:

$ MALLOC_PERTURB_=255 PYTHONMALLOC=malloc python3 /usr/bin/anki

2. Click the deck name
3. Click study now
4. Click edit (bottom left)
5. Close the edit window
6. Press ctrl+: (colon)
7. Enter "gc.collect()"
8. Press ctrl+enter
9. Click edit again
10. If using MALLOC_PERTURB_ and it doesn't crash, repeat from step 5 a
couple of times.
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