[PyQt] pyqt5-tools uploaded to ~~PyPi~~ GitHub

Kyle Altendorf sda at fstab.net
Thu Sep 8 14:38:59 BST 2016

I updated pyqt5-tools to include all of the .exe's from the Qt bin 
directory and also anything copied by windeployqt for each .exe.  I 
tried a couple and they ran but didn't test much more.  I'm sure you'll 
find stuff that doesn't work at all.

For the moment you can get the latest wheels from GitHub since they are 
too large for PyPi (125MB and 150MB or so and in the ballpark of 700MB 


At some point I'll figure out how to handle the file size and PyPi, but 
not right now.  Separate packages?  A package that just downloads and 
installs?  We'll see.

The other requests I recall are for documentation to be included and 
other platforms supported.  Probably won't get to these soon, sorry.


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