[PyQt] Cursor problems

Andrew Cunningham pyqt at a-cunningham.com
Sun Oct 2 00:04:26 BST 2016

I am using Windows PyQT5 is a slightly perverse way :)

I have a QT C++ Widget application that uses python  as an inbuilt
scripting language. It's handy to be able to use all the great
capabilities/examples of PyQT5 to be able to quickly build functional
scripts with GUI's. This actually works great, the PyQT5 scripts usually
just need simple modifications so they do not start a QT "application".  Of
course, I had to build PyQT5 with the exact match to my QT version (5.5.1)
, python version (3.4) and compiler version (VS 2013).

One problem is really killing me though. As soon as a running PyQT script
creates some GUI widget(s)  the cursor changes to the Windows "spinning
blue circle", and does not change. The user can interact normally with the
widgets, just the cursor is stuck at the "blue circle", even when typing
into edit fields.

Normally this indicates a "busy" application but, that's not the case, the
application is running fine.

Any ideas where to start looking?
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