[PyQt] PyQt5 crash on error

Fredrik Averpil fredrik.averpil at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 19:19:43 BST 2016


I recently found that an error generated by PyQt5 instantly crashes the
application instead of just printing an error to the terminal (like PyQt4
and PySide does).

With PySide2, the application freezes up completely instead of crashing on
the same kind of error. I created a bug report with repro code for this
over at the PySide project:

I think it would be much better if PyQt5 would take the route that
PySide/PyQt4 does, and not crash instantly at a trivial error like when
calling a missing function.

Would this be possible to take into consideration for PyQt5?


PS. Perhaps this is an issue with Qt5 and not PyQt5?
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