[PyQt] missing QSvgRenderer.matrixForElement() in PyQt5

Wilbert Berendsen wb at xs4all.nl
Sun May 8 12:05:59 BST 2016

Dear friends,

The QSvgRenderer.matrixForElement seems to be missing in PyQt5.

(Although documented in Qt-5.6:
 http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qsvgrenderer.html#matrixForElement )

I need a way to find the logical coordinates of an element (using
QSvgRenderer.boundsOnElement() and then applying the matrix returned by

Is there any alternative way to get to the bounding boxes of elements?
(besides parsing the SVG in Python and computing the bounding boxes of
elements, or using QWebView and running a javascript in the

Why is QSvgRenderer.matrixForElement() missing?

Thanks in advance for any enlightment,
Wilbert Berendsen
core Frescobaldi developer

Wilbert Berendsen, musician
‣ mail: info at wilbertberendsen.nl
‣ web: www.wilbertberendsen.nl
‣ frescobaldi: www.frescobaldi.org

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