[PyQt] Event problem with QGLWidget in stacked widget on OS X

Chris Pezley chris.pezley at quantumwise.com
Fri May 6 13:01:38 BST 2016

Do note that in the c++ example I was using the QOpenGLWidget for 
testing purposes and forgot to switch it back to QGLWidget. I've 
attached an updated example.

On 05/06/2016 01:55 PM, Chris Pezley wrote:
> I believe I have discovered a problem effecting PyQt on OS X. The 
> issue is being able to get a QGLWidget into a state that causes all 
> mouse over events to handle like mouse click events. This only occurs 
> when using PyQt (normal Qt works).
> In essence, it occurs when having a QGLWidget in a stacked widget and 
> switching that in an event handle by directly calling the stacked 
> widget. The problem does not persist if signals are used. (Probably 
> doesn't make sense until you look at the attached examples.)
> The Problem:
> Mouse over events are causing mouse click events in certain 
> circumstances.
> To Reproduce:
> Run the program in the attachments. Right click when over the GLWidget 
> twice, and then move the mouse in and out of the GLWidget. Note: this 
> only occurs in the python code.
> Effected platforms:
> OS X 10.10.5
> OS X 10.11.4
> Environment:
> Qt 5.5.0 (this alone does not cause problems)
> sip 4.16.9 + PyQt 4.11.4
> sip 4.18 + PyQt 5.6 (only tested on 10.10.5)
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