[PyQt] Heads up - package name changes

Dmitry Shachnev mitya57 at ubuntu.com
Sat Mar 26 19:19:47 GMT 2016

Hi Phil,

On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 04:11:08PM +0000, Phil Thompson wrote:
> A word of warning to anybody who has automated build scripts or otherwise
> assumes the format of filenames of tarballs and zip files etc...
> As of the next round of releases (and with current snapshots) the format of
> filenames has been standardised around those used by setuptools and wheels.

Thanks for the heads up.

Minor bug report: on https://riverbankcomputing.com/software/pyqt/download,
the tarballs descriptions say:

 PyQt4_gpl_x11-4.12.dev1603251518.tar.gz | Linux, UNIX, MacOS/X source
 PyQt4_gpl_mac-4.12.dev1603251518.tar.gz | Linux, UNIX, MacOS/X source

I believe it should be instead:

 PyQt4_gpl_x11-4.12.dev1603251518.tar.gz | Linux, UNIX source
 PyQt4_gpl_mac-4.12.dev1603251518.tar.gz | Mac OS X source

Dmitry Shachnev
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