[PyQt] Exception within Slot causes Abort

V. Armando Sole sole at esrf.fr
Sun Mar 20 20:42:50 GMT 2016


Well, I just want to say that I share Dave's point of view even if that 
is not going to influence anything.

With versions pre-PyQt 5.5, the behavior was equivalent of PyQt 
providing a default exception handling that many of us got used to, 
therefore only handling exceptions in other manner when it was critical. 
Now that default behavior is gone and it looks "too hard" to quit the 
application when a simple print of the traceback was quite convenient.

I understand the "purity" of the new behavior, but one cannot forget the 
previous behavior was very convenient. It is quite long ago, but I do 
not recall my TkInter applications quitting when something went wrong on 
a callback.



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