[PyQt] ImportError: No module named 'time'

Jakob Simon-Gaarde jakobsg at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 13:41:41 GMT 2016


I can see that soneone else reported something similar some time ago:

But I didn't get further to solving my problem by reading that thread.

I have build Python statically in accordance to the guide:

I can import PyQt5 modules and bring up UI-stuff, but if I make a simple
"import time", ImportError is raised.

I have run the nm command on my libpython3.5.a to see if there is a time
symbol anywhere, but that is not the case:

nm libpython3.5.a | grep -i time


Shouldn't it be referenced somewhere as a symbol. I'm guessing time should
be a built-in module.

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards
Jakob Simon-Gaarde
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