[PyQt] Can I use custom enumerations for custom pyqtProperty's?

Kyle Altendorf sda at fstab.net
Fri Feb 19 17:41:12 GMT 2016

I am making a set of widgets which are usable in Qt Designer.  It works 
great and was fairly easy.  I am quite pleased.  :]  I have now added a 
couple of QString properties as well and also want enumeration/combobox 
properties such as shows for the focusPolicy QWidget property.  Is this 
possible?  If so how?

I searched around and found a couple old queries on the topic.

[PyQt] Is it possible to use custom enums for custom widgets?

[PyQt] How do you declare enum / flag based pyqtProperties in PyQT just 
like Q_ENUMS / Q_FLAGS macroes?

I was hoping that perhaps the answers had changed in the past several 
years and that this is now possible.  Thanks for any guidance.


P.S. If interested, my widgets (and the rest of my application) is 
available at:


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