[PyQt] pyqtdeploy, Windows and dynamically loading things

Robert Kent rob at gulon.co.uk
Fri Feb 5 18:28:05 GMT 2016

Hi Phil,

Having successfully got my application to build on MacOSX, I am now 
attempting to do the same on Windows.

Just for clarity, my setup is as follows:

Windows 7
MSVC 10.0
Python 3.4.2
pyqtdeploy 1.2

I have created a static build of all the required modules and have 
successfully created a tiny test app that works. I have now got the 
stage of attempting to include some .pyd files and am thoroughly stuck. 
I have tried:

1) The method as detailed in the documentation of placing the pyd with a 
qualified name in the same directory as the output exe and setting the 
sys.path correctly. This runs however I get: ImportError: Don't know how 
to import numpy.core.multiarray (type code 3). Thinking that this might 
be the joys of Windows and static python/dynamic loading issue I tested 
it using both importlib and imp and found that the load_dynamic() method 
is indeed undefined.

2) I have now tried to configure my project to use the dynamic Python as 
delivered by the MSI installer and have therefore set the project to use 
platform python and pointed the include/lib fields at my native install 
directories. This builds, but fails to run as it can't import '_socket'. 
As this in one of the native c bits and should therefore (I presume) be 
in the Python DLL I am left wondering what the hell I've done wrong.

I would really appreciate some guidance as to how to proceed now either 
or a different path.

Thanks very much indeed as always, Rob
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