[PyQt] ANN: PyQt v5.5.1 Released

V. Armando Solé sole at esrf.fr
Mon Oct 26 08:59:14 GMT 2015

On 26/10/2015 09:53, Phil Thompson wrote:
> You could try putting print calls in check_sip() to see what value it 
> is seeing. Phil 

It was finding 4.16.4 from my Python 3.4 installation. However, 
importing sip or running sip from the command line was giving 4.17

I checked the _find_exe static method to see why it was not finding 
sip.exe while the OS was doing it. The C:\Python35 string in the PATH 
was with quotes (as "C:\Python35") and that seemed to fool the test. I 
have made sure those quotes were removed and things work properly now.


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