[PyQt] Specifying installation path of dbus.mainloop?

Paul Melis paul.melis at surfsara.nl
Fri May 22 10:44:57 BST 2015

(Apologies if this gets sent more than once, I had some trouble with my 


I'm building PyQt5 5.4.1 from source with the goal of installing it in a 
standalone directory (the software module system we use puts e.g. Qt in 
/sara/sw/qt/5.4.1, sip in /sara/sw/sip/4.16.7, etc).

I use the following configuration options:


python ./configure.py \
     --verbose \
     --confirm-license \
     --sip-incdir $SARA_SIP_INCLUDE \
     --bindir $Q/bin \
     --destdir $Q/lib/python2.7/site-packages \
     --sipdir $Q/share/sip/PyQt5

This works mostly fine and allows almost all installation paths to be 
specified, except for the location of the dbus.mainloop module, which 
configure.py places in the global python package directory:

The dbus support module will be installed in

Which then fails during make install, as it isn't writable (nor should 
it be).

I've tried to set pydbus_module_dir in a configure file, but that 
doesn't seem to do the trick.

I could leave out QtDbus from the modules to build (with a very long 
--enable line ;-) as there is no --disable :-/), but is the dbus module 
essential in PyQt? Or put differently, is there anything in PyQt itself 
that uses it, or is it only used from user code?



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