[PyQt] Installing multiple versions of PyQt

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Mon May 18 13:39:20 BST 2015


I use buildbot to automatically test my application under various OS':


Currently I'm testing with four Linux distributions:

- Ubuntu Trusty with Qt/PyQt 5.2.1
- Ubuntu Utopic with Qt 5.3.0, PyQt 5.3.2
- Debian Jessie with Qt/PyQt 5.3.2
- Archlinux with Qt/PyQt 5.4.1

However, running 4 VMs (+ Win8) is rather resource intensive.

What alternative approaches are there to ensure my tests run fine with
older Qt/PyQt versions?

Things I could think of so far:

- Use some kind of containers/chroots instead of VMs.

- Only use one OS (probably Archlinux) and have multiple PyQt/Qt
  builds on the same system - probably should work with Qt's
  -developer-build, building PyQt with each Qt's qmake, and then
  messing with PYTHONPATH, but might be a pain to set up.

What do you think? Another option would be to just run them on one
system, but in the past I got bitten often by changes in Qt/PyQt which
cause subtly different behaviour.


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