[PyQt] Question about PyQt5's QDBus class

Valerio Baldisserotto svalo at libersoft.it
Fri Jan 30 14:40:23 GMT 2015

Hello everybody!
I was starting to use PyQt5.4 in python3 and needed to communicate with
another process using dbus so I decided to use the  PyQt5.4 implementation.
I need to pass to a method in dbus an array of string and a dictionary
of string-variant (signature asa{sv} ) but when I call it using
QDBusInterface.call() my array of strings gets converted to array of
variants (signature ava{sv}, my dictionary sticks to it's right signature.
Here [1] a more detailed explanation including also some attempts.

My question is:How to pass to DBus an array of string without it beeing
a variant using PyQt5?



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