[PyQt] PyQt cannot trasform QString into str when reading emoji symbol from QClipboard

Pavel Roskin proski at gnu.org
Thu Jan 22 17:30:48 GMT 2015

That's a big mess. Surrogates should not be in unicode strings. It's
better to figure out how they got there. I guess it's something
specific to your Python or PyQt. I tried
QApplication.clipboard().text() with that symbol and it returns a
valid unicode character for me (Ubuntu 14.10, Python 3.4, PyQt

You can use string.encode('utf-8', errors="surrogatepass") but it
won't combine surrogates - it would encode them individually. That's
if you just want to suppress the error.

You can use ord(string[n]) to read unicode character one by one and
then combine surrogates manually. Then you can make the correct
unicode string from the combined codes and that string would be


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