[PyQt] [RFC/Braindump] static analysis (pylint checker) for PyQt

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Thu Jan 8 21:28:40 GMT 2015


I just had the idea of developing a static analyzer for typical PyQt
issues, as a checker for pylint (http://www.pylint.org/).

I'd like some input on what issues could be checked. What came to my
mind so far:

- Slots not decorated with @pyqtSlot (as info, not error)

- pyqtSignals on a non-QObject

- pyqtSignals on non-class-level

- QByteArrays initialized with non-ascii/bytes contents

- Checking types of arguments (by extracting the desired ones from the
  docstrings?) - this will probably the hardest one, but also the one
  with the most benefits.

Anything else? Anyone who'd like to help me with pylint/astroid issues
regarding that? Unfortunately documentation is rather sparse...


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