[PyQt] making static sip for target osx fails to recompile siplib/bool.cpp

lloyd konneker bootch at nc.rr.com
Thu Jan 1 01:07:29 GMT 2015

As in a previous post, I am attempting to use the suggested directory structure for pyqtdeploy to cross build for multiple targets on host osx.  I only have one copy of downloaded sip source, then I repeatedly build for different targets by setting TARGET, SYSROOT in the env, etc. following the documented instructions.

I found that after a build for one target, when building for OSX, the scripts failed to recompile bool.cpp, leaving a mangled libsip.a (  otool reported that bool.o was not an object file and during the link phase, there were missing symbols for x86_64 in lib sip.a)

Easy enough to fix by ‘make clean’ before rebuilding.  Just reporting it as a curiosity.

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