[PyQt] Problem installing pyqt5: 'install_pyuic5' failed

Thies Thate jxanti.jx at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 11:42:16 GMT 2015

Dear pyqt,

I'm a hobbyist and work with Fedora21 Mate 64Bit on a Lenovo 
Thinkstation E32

In order to install pyqt5 I have a problem with the make install part:
as follows:

Firstly I installed Qt5 from qt-opensource-linux-x64-1.6.0-8-online.run
Than installed QScintilla2 and Sip.


See attachment  'make install for PyQt5 'install_pyuic5' failed.pdf'


Perhaps you can help.
What have I to do to solve the  "'install_pyuic5' failed" error?


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