[PyQt] QGraphicsObject added to scene transforms into something else?

Alan Ezust alan.ezust at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 16:20:08 GMT 2015

I don't have a test case yet, but I guess I will have to make one.
Have any of you heard of a problem like this before?

I created a QGraphicsObject-derived class.
Added an instance to the scene.
Before adding it, I can print it to stdout and see its type/address:

<origame.gui.actor_2d_view.actor2d_view.PartWire2dItem object at

But after I add it to the scene, this particular object "goes away" and in
its place, I find this other item which I never added to the scene:

<PyQt5.QtMultimediaWidgets.QGraphicsVideoItem object at 0x00000000062CF9D8>

The item still paints itself as a PartWire2dItem should.

Why would both the address and the type change as I add it to the scene?
Is there some sort of class registration I need to do in order to my
objects properly?
Or could this be a side-effect of perhaps forgetting to implement one of
the pure virtual functions?

Sorry if this is not enough info for you to  figure things out yet, I will
post a testcase when I have one....
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