[PyQt] PyQt + QtWinMigrate

Christoph Buelter c.buelter at arcor.de
Sun Feb 8 16:49:19 GMT 2015


I am trying to create a python binding for the QtWinMigrate 
on Windows, but I am having problems with the final steps.
I managed to build sip, Qt 4.8.5 and PyQt 4.11.3. There are existing sip 
files for QtWinMigrate at: https://github.com/glennra/PyQtWinMigrate

Now here is the part I am not really sure about:

I copied the sip files to: C:\PyQt-win-gpl-4.11.3\sip and tried to run:
cd C:\PyQt-win-gpl-4.11.3\sip
sip -c . -I . QtWinMigrate.sip

Which fails with:
sip: Q_PID is undefined

I then tried:
sip -c . -I . -t WS_WIN QtWinMigrate.sip

Which fails with:
sip: HWND is undefined

So either way something is missing and I have no idea how to add it.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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