[PyQt] pyqtdeployed app crashes android but not iOS

lloyd konneker bootch at nc.rr.com
Thu Feb 5 21:58:10 GMT 2015

I worked around the issue by substituting:

std = Py_None;

where the original did:

goto error;

in three places, for each of stdin, stdout, stderr.

I don’t have a full understanding, but I think Python has objects for each of the stdio streams,
and my hack just set them to None rather than abort the initialization of the interpreter.
One way of explaining it is that Python has long been a console interpreter and filter,
expecting stdin and stdout to exist, but that is not a valid assumption in many use cases.
Setting the stdio objects to None is Pythonic, it delays an error until later (when you try to use the stdin object.)

Also, my app then sorta ran on Android, but exhibited many Qt issues, i.e. it is far from usable yet.

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