[PyQt] moving from pyside, subclass problem

pisani arnaud arnaud at pixels-universe.com
Mon Jul 21 11:16:32 BST 2014

I’ m moving some scripts from pyside 1.2 to pyqt4 and have some problems 
with subclass:

I’ ve got a QListView that use a subclass of QAbstractListModel as model.
With pyside evrything is ok, with pyqt4 i’ve got this error when set the 
model :

TypeError: QAbstractItemView.setModel(QAbstractItemModel): argument 1 
has unexpected type ‘QFavorislistModel’

It’ s like my subclass of QAbstractListModel ‘QFavorislistModel’ is not 
reconized as a QAbstractItemModel.

I don’t understand what wrong and what are the differneces between 
pyside and pyqt,
If somone can highlight me,

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