[PyQt] pyqtconfig now gone

Jeremy Sanders jeremy at jeremysanders.net
Wed Jul 16 18:57:50 BST 2014

Hi -

The introduction configure-ng.py has broken my app on arch linux (and 
presumably other places), because there's no longer a pyqtconfig module. 
This is rather unexpected and bad.

What's the recommended way to get the missing data that was in 
pyqtconfig? I'm building my PyQt addon modules using distutils. I'd 
rather not add a ton of options that the user has to supply.

I'd need:
- SIP include direction
- SIP executable
- Qt library directory
- Qt include directory
- Whether Qt is built as a framework
- Other SIP flags

I can get the Qt library/include information from QLibraryInfo, but how 
should I get the rest? sipconfig can provide the sip include directory 
and executable, but is this going away in sip-5?

It would be nice if configure-ng.py could write some of this in some 
form to help modules built against PyQt.



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